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I had a sit down a couple weeks ago with Man, Myth Legend Rush Surges. We chatted about nothing in particular, like Zombie apocalypse, relationship break-ups, his career as a rap star and more.  I think it turned out fairly light hearted fun which is my goal with these videos.  Let me know what you think of it.


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Cold and Frustrated: Stories form Stakeout episode 5: ONLINE NOW DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0377.JPG


So the last video in my Cold and Frustrated series is online today.  I have had a lot of fun over the last couple ion months working on these videos, mostly just having fun with sharing some of what really goes on here at this time if year.  I think that a lot of cool pictures come out of Ottawa/Quebec in the spring but they don't always fully explain the amount of work that goes into surfing up here.  Hopefully you have enjoyed watching these videos as much as I enjoyed making them.  Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel as there is still a bunch of interesting things in the pipeline. 


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Cold and Frustrated Ep 4 VLOG is online now


The weekly VLOG continues through another week, this week we are off in search of new waves.  


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Episode 2 and 3 of the new Vlog are online. Check em! DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0044.JPG


I totally forgot to update  on here last week but linked below are episodes 2 and 3 if my new Vlog series Cold and Frustrated.  Things have been leaning more towards frustrated than cold so far this year but its all looking FUN.  Check them out and let me know what you think of them.








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New Weekly web Vlog series starting today. DCIM\100GOPRO\G0033556.


So I have a pretty exciting new Weekly web blog series starting today.  With the help of my friend David Silk we are going to be posting weekly videos documenting some of our adventures through Spring high water season in Canada also known as Stakeout.   There is already lots of coverage from this time of year, mostly showing epic big waves, sun shine and wonder.  But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and the kayaking is only part of the experience.  We also want to show what its like to travel around Canada with a big crew of some of your best friends and some of the stuff we get up to.  


Episode 1 is a prime example of Off river tom foolery with David Silk and Adrian Mattern gambling their eyebrows as water levels stay low and everyone is starting to get antsy about spring being late.  


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New Whitewater Tutorial video. How to Spin


New video out on the line now, this week another tutorial video about one of the first freestyle tricks you should be learning the Spin.  Check it out, let me know what you think, did I miss anything? 


Oh and don't forget to subscribe to you Youtube channel! 




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New video alert! First week back in Canada: Where is Spring?? DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0014.JPG

Made it back to Canada this week after a great winter break in Uganda then doing family stuff like attend my sisters wedding.  I was expecting to find spring temps, melting snow and big volume whitewater but winter is still clinging on in the Ottawa region, temps are still lower than usual and the river is much lower than usual for this time of year.  I smashed together a quick video form my first paddle of the season.  Full disclosure, I was lax in ensuring my gopro mounts weren't broken and the video definitely suffered because of that.  Still it is really fun out here and I'm excited for some more spring like temps to catch on soon. Check the video and subscribe on Youtube if you don't already. What should next weeks video be?

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New How to kick flip video untitled-0072154untitled-0072154After many many failed attempts to get this shot I finally pulled off the composition I wanted, mid kickflip in my @jackson.kayak Zen L using a @gopro camera on my @wernerpaddles SHO-GUN paddle. But after many failed attmepts and blurry as pictures I forgot to smile! Guess I'll have to go and try again. @kokatatusa @dewerstone #dewerstone #dewerstonemens #travel #adventure #explore #photography #igers #instadaily #instacool #instagood #freestyle #follow #hustle #followme #kayaking #whitewaterismagic


New video this week giving a rundown of one of my favourite whitewater kayak downriver tricks, the Kickflip.  This video details the more advanced method of kick flipping which gives the biggest air although it takes a bit more getting used to.  Check the video and let me know if it helped you or if you have something to add to it.  


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Hurley Classic 2018 Video Recap


Feels like it was forever ago now but just over a week ago was the Hurley Classic, UK's premier grass roots kayak event, which spans two days and is in a format which encourages participation from kayakers from all abilities levels from complete beginner to seasoned pro.  The weekend also has a lot of great possibilities for young kayakers to get coached by some of the UK's top freestylers, it encompasses a Boater-X race and some SUP events.  There was also a 'World Rolling Championships' and a showcase nighttime finals event. All in all an excellent event although this year driving snow and freezing temps did bring participation down this year compared to other years.  But despite the inches of snow and sub zero conditions it was still great to see a lot of kayakers out on the water and interested in Freestyle Kayaking.  


Enjoy the video and be sure to let me know when you will be attending a Hurley Classic.  



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An interview with Nouria Newman


After a vague amount of interest in my first episode of 'Questions you NEVER thought to ask' I managed to get French kayaker Nouria Newman to sit down with me and shoot the breeze for a bit.  We covered all kinds of topics including why she swims so often, baguettes, dating apps and more.  Check it out and let me know what you think. 



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Tech Review: Gnarbox: back up files and edit without a computer


New video this week.  A little different to the usual type of content I decided to review a useful gadget I used on my last kayaking trip to Uganda.  It is a way of backing up files, editing photos and video without the need for a computer.  I found this little gizmo super helpful on my last trip as there were often times when I was not in a position where I could have had my laptop in a secure location.  Plus this was way lighter weight than lugging my laptop around.  


Check the video, see what you think and if you want to buy one then check the link below.  Full disclosure I do make a little $$ if you buy through one of those links.  





Amazon USA:

Amazon UK:


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NEW VIDEO ALERT!! How to improve your front surf skills DCIM\100GOPRO\G0093367.

One of my main goals for 2018 was to focus more on regular videos, I am hoping to get them out one per week on a range of subjects including tutorials, gear reviews, Vlogs and general kayaking flicks.  This week's video is all about improving your front surf skills.  Check it out, don';t forget to hit subscribe to my youtube channel and as always I would love to hear your feedback and what you want to see in the next tutorial videos.  


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Quick Uganda Photos round up. untitled-08656Look at this Monkey! As the title suggests I just wanted to share a few photos from my recent trip to the White Nile river, Uganda.  I was there mainly to compete in UNLEASHEDxUGANDA (see last update) but was fortunate enough to be able to stay another three and a half weeks after the competition to do some more kayaking on the amazing White Nile River before its gone.  The impending Isimba Dam project is nearing completion and will likely flood most of the remaining rapids sometime this year.  Perhaps as early as June.  Although there will be a couple of rapids left after the dam, the epic waves like Nile Special and Kula Shaker will be gone soon.  I paddled in Uganda in 2010 before the completion of the Bujagali Dam and definitly had some bittersweet moments on this trip as I recognised places which were now underwater and were once amazing pieces of whitewater.  I am happy to have experienced the river before both of these dams but sad that they had to happen at all as they really don't benefit Uganda/Ugandans very much and are mostly being built because of kick backs and corruption.  In fact I am fairly sure the new dam will be one of the most expensive/least efficient hyrdro projects ever built.  It will displace a few thousand people, do irreparable damage to the ecosystem and increase malaria levels because of the greater amount of standing water. But anyway here are a few photos I took in my time outside of UNLEASHEDxUGANDA.  I have a more shots for UNLEASHEDxUGANDA coming at some point later this spring so stay tuned.  


Thats all for now, I'll hit up a more in-depth blog about my Uganda experiences in the net couple of weeks.  Until Then see you on the river! 



My Accommodation for the last month untitled-03309Multiple Bedrooms untitled-03304My crib untitled-03283-HDRLast sunset at Nile Special-This shot is an HDR untitled-0033034Last sunset surf at Nile Special DCIM\100GOPRO\G0033034. untitled-03155Ben Sandeman from Ottawa going big untitled-03071Future of Uganda's freestyle kayakers. untitled-03046Joseph always looks stoic in photos untitled-02791Dane Jackson at Kula Shaker wave untitled-02787Dane Jackson Airscrew at Kula Shaker untitled-02756Tom Paterson bringing Freestyle River Boarding to Africa untitled-02406Rory from Dewerstone before his first Nile Special surf untitled-02400Bren Orton watching Adrian Mattern Crash on the wave. Pure Joy untitled-02365Regan, one of the Neighbour kids. Loves pressing all the buttons on every electronic device. untitled-02359Typical nosy kids untitled-02333Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern getting food supplies in the Market untitled-02353Picture of a picture. #inception untitled-02346Jinja Market, Uganda untitled-08731Sunset down the river untitled-08696Flowers and butterflies untitled-08666Not sure what these birds are called but they are all up and down the river untitled-08644an Ibis I think untitled-08637More monkeying around




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UNLEASHEDxUGANDA round up. Athlete perspective.  




In 2017 I competed in the first UNLEASHED competition in Canada.   A multi stage event testing athletes in both freestyle and racing events.  It was easily the event I enjoyed competing at the most throughout the year and really tested Athletes at the high end.  In my opinion it was the future of High end whitewater competitions and is so visually impressive that all non-kayakers can easily understand it. So when the SEND boys (Adrian Mattern, Bren Orton, Dane Jackson and Kalob Grady) told me they planned a similar event on the White Nile, Uganda I knew I wanted to go.  


The event was super important to me for 2 reasons. 1: The event format is pushing the envelope of what is possible with high end whitewater competitions and I want to be a part of that progression. 2: The impending completion of the Isimba dam project will flood much of the remaining whitewater on the White Nile, so I had to paddle it one more time.  I paddled in Uganda in 2010 before the completion of the Silverback dam, so I was aware before going that much of the whitewater I paddled in 2010 was now underwater.


I travelled to Uganda a week and a half before the competition started to get settled in and get used to surfing waves again. The night of January 5th all the Athletes met at Nile River Explorers base camp for the opening meeting and info on stage 1 (of 4).  


The opening meeting really set the tone for the competition.  4  stages that will test your skills to the limits with the goal to display high end whitewater that a wider audience can understand. Prepare for a challenge and remember to make smart choices as to if you will compete at each stage. 


Stage 1: Cuban Wave Big trick, Itunda rapid.  


The Cuban wave is in the centre of Itunda rapid.  If you have never paddled the Nile the Itunda rapid is one of the biggest rapids on the river. The Cuban wave lies in the middle of the rapid, and behind it are three stout holes (Ashtray, The Bad Place, The Other Place), all capable of dishing out savage beat downs. To catch the wave you have to cross an eddy line which is more like one huge whirlpool.  I had high hopes going into this event but ultimately it couldn’t have gone worse for me. 


All the athletes were split into 2 groups, each with an hour and forty five minutes of wave time. Top three tricks would be scored.  


This stage was the most frustrating for me.  Getting to the wave meant crossing a strong whirlpool type eddy line.  Attempt after attempt I was just getting eaten up by this whirlpool, sometimes held down, sometimes pushed downstream but every time missing the wave.  Finally on my 10th attempt and last of the day I was able to catch wave, but in all my excitement I wasn’t able to score any tricks which would have moved me up the leader board.  After stage 1 I was Tied 22nd with Alan Ward (who also was having a tough time catching the wave.) This still put us ahead of a couple of athletes who chose not to compete in this stage.  


Needless to say, not a great start to the competition.  



Stage 2: Dead Dutchman Boater-X

The in between competition days there was a mandatory practice lap required at the Dead Dutchman Rapid if you wanted to race Stage 2. I had never seen Dead Dutchman rapid, although I had heard it was one of the most challenging and consequential rapids on the White Nile.  


The Scouting day was intense.  I headed to the rapid with Craig Ayres (GBR) who had run the rapid before.  As well as a big crew of athletes, including Alan Ward (GBR),  Aoife Hanranhan (IRE), Katie Kowalski (CAN), Andrey Pesterev (RUS), Nick Beavis (GBR), Bartosz From Poland and Darby Mcadams (USA).  The mood was tense, from the scouting spot you can see most of the line, but it looks BIG.  In the safety meeting the previous night organizers had outlined where not to go and it was easy to see why.  Some of the hydraulic holes to the edge of the rapids where no go spots.  But there was a line for sure.  Lots of people were on the fence about weather or not they were going, personally I find it best to just make a choice and get down to business as soon as possible,  the more time I spend looking the worse I feel.  Craig, Andrey and I hopped in our boats to fire it up first.  I nervously ran through the line with Craig and Andrey in the eddy one more time, then we fist bumped, exchanged “see you at the bottoms” and went for it.  


The lap went great, much smoother and less stressful than I expected, although I still had some reservations about racing with 5 other people around me I felt much happier with a lap under my belt.  Darby and Alan came down in the second wave.  Both greased their lines.


That night at the safety meeting athletes who decided they would race had to write their name on a chalk board.  If your name wasn’t on the board 15 mins after the meeting concluded, or you had not completed your mandatory practice lap you would not be taking part in Stage 2.  


Race Day


The most nervous I have ever been before a Boater-X race (which are usually not stressful).  The mood amongst all the athletes on the shuttle up was tense to say the least.  This is a truck full of some of the world’s top kayakers and to a one they were all nervous.  One more quick scout with all the athletes then it was game time.  


We would start in a line facing upstream and when David Silk (who had been forced out of this stage with a shoulder injury from Stage 1) yelled “GO” it was game on.  I was in the first heat.  At the “GO” we were all close together as we got closer to the rapid. The last thing I wanted was to screw up at the entrance to the rapid because I was jostling for position too much, besides I was pretty sure all the placing would change mid way through anyway, as the course was a decent length. I dropped back into 6th place and entered the rapid.  First making the critical right turn, passing the fist big hole to the left.  At that point I could see all the other athletes in my heat with Dane breaking away from the crowd heading left and the other 4 going more right. I decided to play smart and tail gate Dane through the middle part of the rapid. I passed into second place, then a rogue boil flipped me.  I rolled up facing upstream, a quick look around and I knew I was about to go into the big Wave/hole in the middle on the Rapid.  I took a deep breath.  Then I was upside down, it was dark. When it calmed I rolled up and looked around.  I was perfectly online and Dane was just rolling up slightly behind me. We both started racing the last 400m to the finish.  He pulled slightly ahead of me but I kept charging, not daring to look over my shoulder and check how far away the others were.  Anyway the top 3 from each round would advance so as long as I kept up I could make it.  I finished round 1 in second with Tom Dunphy (IRE) just pulling ahead of Andrey to take third. After snapping a few pictures of the other heats I walked back to the top, ferried across ready for the Semi finals round.  This time I had more of a plan to try and replicate what I had done in round one.  


I started deliberately at the back of the pack, entered the rapid and started making overtakes.  The water was getting higher, it was noticeable at the entrance of the rapid.   Yuesf (UGA) and Dane had pulled way out in front whilst Tom and I were tight around the corner.  Tom and I were still close at the big wave hole section in the middle of the rapid, side by side in fact with Tom downstream of me.  I shouted at him “GO GO GO TOM” just as we were about to hit the biggest wave/hole.  Tom flipped as we rode up the shoulder, the down current of the shoulder grabbed at my stern and started flipping me too.  I braced on Tom’s boat but it was pointless.  The next monster wave/hole was on us.  I felt being pitched up with Tom’s boat beside me, on top of me, underneath me.  I could feel our boats hitting one another.  I tried to tuck my head between my arms to avoid being hit in the face.  When I rolled up I was hit by a new wave that had not been there in the first round.  It surfed me but I was able to stay in control and get to the edge. I could see Yusuf and Dane out ahead of me and I started hustling to catch up.  I was closing, I could make the finals and turn around my miserable perforce from the stage one.  Then out of nowhere I hit a boil and slowed down for just a second.  In that second Kaelin F. (USA) got ahead of me.  I was hustling to get back into third place.  My bow was touching his stern.  I was working as hard as I could.  I could see Craig in my peripheral catching up too.  In the end Kaelin stayed ahead and I tied 7th place with Tom Dolle in the other semi final.  


After stage 2 I was 15th overall.  


Stage 3: Best Ride Competition, Nile Special Wave


The mood amongst the athletes took a significant turn toward being relaxed through this stage.  A best ride comp on Nile Special wave, where athletes would be scored on the tricks they pulled off, with multipliers for style and use of the wave. I had been hustling all morning trying to snap photos and by the time I had gotten back to my boat for my first 3 rides (of 6) I was exhausted.  My first 3 rides were a write off.  Luckily only one counts so I had a snack, some water, shot some more photos and then got back in for round 2.  Fortunately the snack paid off and I was able to get one reasonable ride, although I definitely wasn’t able to pull off all my tricks I was able to net 12th place in this event pulling me up into 13th overall after stage 3.  




Stage 4: Mass Start Race, Hair of the Dog Rapid


The final round of the competition.  All the athletes Men and Women Would start at the same time and race down the Hair of the Dog Rapid.  A long race made much crazier by having all 21 men (4 out with injury) and 5 women for a total of 26 kayakers all trying to get down at the same time.  


This stage was nuts, there were people ahead of me, behind me, to my left and right.  As we entered the rapid the pack started to split but being on a rapid as wide as this one there was not enough space.  We were on top of each other, some people were flipped whilst others paddled over them.  Rogue eddy lines and boils changed the order constantly.  After not having the best start I kept charging trying to get back to the front, but the front racers were ahead by a bit.  I tried to make a pass at the end but crowded finish line held me out.  With only one shot at this one it was a tough blow to not make the top five that I so badly needed to crawl back into the top 10 overall.  







At the end of the Competition I was 15th Overall.  



I had been aiming to come in at least the top 10 of this comp but after a miserable results of stage 1 I struggled to make a Rocky Balboa style comeback. Even still I am always stoke dot be a part of the UNLEASHED Competition series.  In my opinion this competition is the future of high end whitewater competitions and is pushing whitewater more and more into the public image with visually stunning content that is easy for ‘non-kayakers’ (muggles) to digest.  I hope to be apart of the next event this spring.  




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[Video] Adventures in Argentina Ep 4 of 4


Its finally here.  Final instalment from my Argentina travel Blog series.  This one follows the finals day with some coverage of the kayaking, hilarious commentary from Nick Troutman and some choice interviews from people like JNR mens world champ Tom Dolle and whitewater legend Clay Wright. Check it out and don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE over on my youtube.  




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[Video] Adventures in Argentina Episode 3 of 4?


The Adventures continue in episode 3, this one covers the Event opening ceremonies, a useful Life Hack and follows one of my buddies Anna Bruno through her progress in the Women's Squirt Kayak Category from the first few days of the competition.  Hoping for ep 4 some time next week!


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[Video] Adventures in Argentina. Episode 2 of 4?


Next episode in my Argentina Video Series online now.  This one takes us through the epic Thanks Giving feast I was invited to a couple of days ago.  Epic feast with a ton of epic humans! Huge thanks to Kristine and EJ Jackson for hosting us.  Don't forget to hit subscribe on my Youtube channel to see episode 3 first. 


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[Video] 1 Simple tip to Improve your Whitewater Kayaking


Hey Everyone, 

Training and preparation for Freestyle Kayak World Champs is getting more and more frantic, but before departing next week I wanted to get this new tutorial video out there.  Give it a watch, try it out, let me know if it helps you or not in the comments. I am thinking about cheffing up more videos like this so be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button on Youtube to see the next one as soon as it comes out.  



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New Gear Love: Snapdragon LIPS Armotex spray deck (Spray Skirt) untitled-0109810untitled-0109810DCIM\100GOPRO\G0109810.

I got my hands on some new gear a couple of weeks ago that I have been pretty stoked about so far.  A randed skirt from Snapdragon designs.  Named the LIPS deck it has the classic Snapdragon 'Armotex' top for better durability.  So far I have been really impressed with 'dryness' of the deck, I have done full play sessions with barely any water entering my boat.  The rand fits my boat(s) snuggly but without being a hassle to put on (fits Rockstar M 2014/16 and Nirvana perfectly), it has an easy to use pull tab/loop to take off which replaced the bulky plastic handle that the last Snapdragon skirt I used had way back in 2013 (which sucked because it was loud and heavy and unnecessary).  The rand look like it is glued under tension which gives the best fit, and the deck is just one piece of Neoprene so it doesn't have a bunch of seams that can start leaking on you.  Two weeks in I am very happy with it, although I haven't used it on any stout creeping missions or big drops yet I am pretty comfortable it is going to be a bomber deck (skirt).  Check them out if you are looking for a new spray deck  The only thing I would recommend is going a little smaller on the tunnel size than you think as it stretches a bit. I got a Medium tunnel but wish I had gone for a small as it is a bit baggy around the waist.   untitled-0129820untitled-0129820DCIM\100GOPRO\G0129820. untitled-0119817untitled-0119817DCIM\100GOPRO\G0119817. untitled-0119812untitled-0119812DCIM\100GOPRO\G0119812.

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New Video: How to Improve your Boof Stroke.

I haven't busted out a new video for a while but thought it was about time to flex some instructional muscle given than I just got a new Creek boat the JK Nirvana (which is sick btw). Anyway check out this video, give the advice a try if you want and let me know if it helps you or not.  Thanks a lot to Mike McKay who filmed some of this for me on the Rouge river, QC and the Racquette river, NY.  Enjoy!inst


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