Back in Pucon and back to the River. The final Instalment with the Avocado Crew in Chile

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A new set of paddles in many paddling destinations can be tricky.  But luckily for me Pucon is host to a range of different places to get new paddles.  I managed to snag a set of Werner Powerhouse Fibre glass straights from Lakes, Rivers and Oceans.  



Pucon is also a meeting ground for groups of paddlers, so we managed to hook up with a crew of Austrians and one American that we met at the hostel we were staying in and head back down to the Rio Fuy.  This is easily one of my favorite runs in Chile and the more we run it the more new lines we begin to explore and new things we try to do.  This time down the river someone had suggested a back freewheel off the first twenty-five foot drop.  After some intense scouting Todd Wells (USA) and I elected to give one a shot.   


Both of us threw down pretty well,  My one went fairly over vertical but bounced out nicely with a soft landing at the bottom. 



With just a couple of days of rental left with the truck we decided to hit up a few rives that still had water around Pucon.  First up the Upper Trancura and then we headed off with our camping supplies up to the upper Palguin where we spent our final days together doing laps and boater-X racing.  After returning the truck we had a couple of chill evenings together in Pucon, hanging out, playing mini golf, sampling local beer and exploring the town.  Honestly I still get lost.  



After the Avocado crew split I had a couple of days with the Austrian Crew, Lukas and Cristoph Strobl, and Matty from Wales.  We followed the water south, and then the rain started.  And it didn’t seem to be stopping.  After walking away form Salto de Nilahue because it was way to high I headed back to Pucon, in search of a new crew to chase down the rivers which had come back in with all the rain I went to the only good place to find other kayakers in Pucon, Pucon Kayak Hostel.



More rain and more updates coming soon




Photos:  Marco Hilbert, Cristoph Strobl, Todd Wells, and Myself   


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