Canada Continues...

August 08, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Somehow I have been in Canada for over three months now, the old adage time flies when your having fun really seems to stand true out here.  Between long days on the river teaching kayak school and raft guiding, doing other work around Wilderness Tours, going kayaking for fun and or course partying its hard to find time to keep this website up to date.  


Some of my adventures to date have included a road trip to Quebec with the full crew from Airborne Athletics, to go check out a cool low volume park-n-huck rapid called the Chutes-de-plaisance.  After some trepidation regards water levels during the hour and a half drive out we were pleasantly surprised to find a 15ft sliding drop with a sweet 500m run out.  I have to say I thought the drop looked  super manky and I decided to get on below it but Galen Volckhausen chose to fire it up and it looked sweet.  The rest of the run out was sweet twists and turns, boofing and flaring away.   We finished up the day with some traditional Canadian fast food, Poutine.  Poutine is chips, with gravy and cheese curds (and sometimes other good stuff like bacon).

Work-wise I am also used at WT in the marketing department.  This usually involves getting sent to a variety of towns and cities around Ontario to put up posters, hand out flyers and try and get more people coming rafting.  Usually these days are long, tiring and lame as I don’t get to go kayaking.  But I do manage a few cool things, like seeing the changing of the guard in Ottawa.  On the river I get to teach kayaking (which is awesome) and raft guide (which is great too).  But whats really great is getting to see the development of some of the staff as they learn to paddle and take their fair share of swims along the way.  

Thats all for now, the good times are carrying on here for a little longer and plans for winter are starting to come together.  Watch this space.....


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