Spring time=New Starts

May 08, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is not only the season that we start to welcome in longer days, blooming flowers and warmer weather.  It is also a season of beginnings, not just for plants, flowers, animals coming out of hibernation but for me as well.


This spring I have been lucky enough to start a new partnership with System X Distribution, a UK based firm that handles the import and distribution of many fantastic kayak related products such as Sweet Protection, Werner Paddles, Playboater Spraydecks and much more.  It is also the start of a new partnership with Kokatat Watersports Wear.  Kokatat are a US based kit manufacturer who specialise in producing great paddling kit which incorporates Gore-Tex®, they are the only company on the market to produce a Gore drysuit, as well as a wide range of apparel which uses a range of other fabrics.  Until recently Kokatat kit had been unavailable in the UK so unless someone snuck it back with them from their holiday to the states, it hasn’t really been seen in the UK.  Now thanks to System X, Kokatat is now available at a select range of dealers all over the country.  




I picked up my new drysuit, PFD and shoes about two weeks ago, just in time to coincide with unusually hard spring rain.  


Afore mentioned rain fell hard and heavy for nearly a week giving the rivers plenty of water.  In fact we had over a months worth of rainfall in just four days! Since I am still living in London, heavy rain meant fantastic playboating administered twice daily.  Even playspots which are usually only running in the coldest part of the winter like Shepperton, Sunbury and Marsh were running on great levels, sometimes even too high.  

I have been hitting the river for early morning and late afternoon sessions every day and have been pleasantly surprised at how good my new Gore-Tex® Drysuit has been.  Not only is it comfortable and dry but it feels so light whilst wearing it.  


Anyway the rain is stopping now which is great for me as I head off to the Ottawa tomorrow.  


See you on the river......


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