World Championships Update Four: Opening Ceremony and Squirt Prelims...

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Monday Evening started off with a team meeting in the rain here at the Plattling Campsite, everyone looked very smart in their team kit and we headed out together to the centre of town where all of the teams walked through the town before listening to speeches from numerous german officials.  Needless to say these were in German so quite meaningless to almost all of the team but the atmosphere was fantastic.  After the speeches athletes were fed a reasonably tasty pasta meal and then those who were competing on tuesday made for an early bed and those who weren’t headed for the bar.  I was scheduled for the following afternoon so hit the bed early.


The following morning I woke up early and headed off to get some milk, although my heat was not until the afternoon I was definitely nervous and excited.   Having spent most of the day the watching the ladies heats I moved off to eat some lunch and prepare myself.  The time flew by and I soon found my name being called by the announcer and it was time to go.  My  first ride went well, almost each trick to plan with a reasonable downtime.  Unluckily my second run was not quite as good, since both rides count this was disappointing for me but luckily I still went through in 4th place to the semi-finals. 

In Senior Women K1 all three of the GBR team girls went through to the quarter finals with impressive rides from Claire o’hara, Emily Wall and Jenny Chrimes.  

The event is being live streamed through the ICF website:


Well Done to Everyone who competed especially Jamie Austen(GB), Dane Jackson  (USA) and Colin Kemp (USA) who finished ahead of me.  And commiseration to all those that did not make the cut to the semi-finals.  

The semi-finals were originally scheduled for friday however due to a flood warning the schedule has been altered so that the semi-finals and finals should take place tomorrow (Thursday).  Don’t forget to check the live stream (


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