Tapping out: Will not be competing at Montreal Eau Vive 2017 due to illness

August 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Bummed to say I am going to have to miss MEV 2017, after spending the last week basically either laying in bed or laying on the couch with what turned out to be Strep Throat (which I am currently taking medication for) I won’t be able to make it to MEV 2017.  But I am BUMMED to miss out on one of my favourite events of the year, Jetski access surf waves and a Boater-X like no other thanks to Saute Moutons Jet boats.  


Good luck to all the competitors this year.  Will Bren Orton retain his title? Will Dane Jackson actually break into top 10 this year after having a very bad time on the Boater-X in 2015? Will Kalob Grady reclaim his title? Lots of excitement and tons of other stuff sign on around the comp so if you are in Montreal, or even nearby swing over and check it out on one of the days.  It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!


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