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See All 5 episodes of First Descents now

April 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Last Tuesday the final episode of the the Red Bull Series First Descent: Michoacan was released.  The series has turned out great and I would just like to take a second to thank all of the people that made it happen.  Starting with the obvious thanks to Joel Kowalski for daring to dream big enough and do all of the homework in terms of river research on google earth so that we could make our time in Michoacan as efficient as possible.  Also thanks to the other boys, Rafa, Dane, Juanito and Ciaran.  Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most solid paddling crews you could ask for I am already excited about re-uniting this team for future missions.  Next up thanks to the media crew and photographers that followed us around during the trip, two crews from Interpret Media and Univision made alot of epic footage possible.  Not forgetting of course Lucas Gillman and John Rathwell who were our trip photographers.  Israel ‘Zimba’ Gonzalez did a great job as our ‘Liaison’ guy and worked super hard getting us all of the correct permissions and releases to make some aspects of the trip run better.  Chad Carter who edited all of the episodes did a fantastic job of making each episode not only visually stunning but easily understandable for a non-kayaker audience.  The unsung hero of the trip, and actually the unsung hero of many paddlers Mexico trips, our driver Israel.  He is probably the best guy ever, can always be relied on to get you out of any jam, at any road block, anywhere in Mexico and also takes the extra time to explore new access points and other possibilities for put-ins and take outs all of the time which we were on the river, he probably worked as hard as we did on the river.  And finally thanks to Red Bull for turning what was planned to be an awesome and fun expedition with 6 kayakers into a 5 Part TV show that gives people a real idea of what our trip was really like.  








Here are all five episodes in order and I highly recommend you click HERE and look through the additional content including my personal favourite the outtakes reel.  





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