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Video: First Descents: Michoacan, Mexico

March 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to finally be able to share some more details, from undoubtedly the most exciting project I have worked on in my kayaking career so far.


Whilst in Mexico last year I spent three weeks with an all-star international team of Joel Kowalski, Dane Jackson, Rafa Ortiz, Ciaran Heurteu and Juanito de Ugarte.  We set out exploring the uncharted region of MIchoacan.  Since Rafa and Dane are both sponsored by Red Bull the idea for a tv show somehow came about and before I new what was happening our exploits were being documented by a team of videographers from Red Bull and Univision.  


Since we were venturing into unexplored rivers, we made sure to video everything to document our time on the river, that combined with the work of the video crew is coming together to make a 5 part web tv show, from Red bull Titled First Descent: Michoacan.  


The teaser came out last tuesday and episode 1 is released March 11 (this tuesday coming).  It looks really awesome, I am excited to see it and finally start sharing the story of our Michoacan trip.  Also be sure to buy the next issue of Kayak session which has an article written by Joel Kowalski and photos from John Rathwell, Ciaran Heurteu and most excitingly from ME!


Thanks to everyone who made this trip happen and to Chad Carter who has done a brilliant job in the edit.


Watch the trailer and follow the link on tuesday






















































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