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First weeks in Canada

May 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Well I have been back in Canada for just over two weeks now and it has been non-stop action.  I had the first day getting my self settled back in ,collecting my car and seeing a few friends then it was straight line to the Ottawa Valley for some serious spring kayaking. Perfect sunny days and prime mini-bus levels were just the start of my trip, since being back I have had a lot of days at Ruins Wave, located on the Ottawa River 15mins from down town, a couple of days at Big bus, a day at high tension and a healthy amount of off river ‘Stakeout’ action.  


The Stakeout crew this season is a little smaller than other years although new friends are coming back in all the time.  I spent my first week and a bit of this season’s spring stakeout with my fellow Airborn Athletics cohort Devyn Scott who is one of the world’s foremost big wave freestyle kayakers.  Devyn and I have been joining some of the original stakeout crew Benny Marr, Pat Camblin and Joel Kowalski.  Last week we were also joined by fellow Brit, Bren Orton and ‘Merican, Paul Palmer. All these guys are amazing to paddle with, and their skill level is ridiculous when it comes to big wave surfing. Without a doubt they are the top of the game on this playing field. With more people coming back all the time the crew is growing and the excitement is building for the migration north.  


I have been nursing a couple of niggling injuries with my wrist and shoulder so have been hustling my photography a lot harder than usual.  Really stoked on some of the results coming out so far with so much spring still ahead of us.  


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Until next time here is a few shots from this spring so far. Many more in the pipeline.  



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