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Quick Uganda Photos round up.

February 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

untitled-08656Look at this Monkey! As the title suggests I just wanted to share a few photos from my recent trip to the White Nile river, Uganda.  I was there mainly to compete in UNLEASHEDxUGANDA (see last update) but was fortunate enough to be able to stay another three and a half weeks after the competition to do some more kayaking on the amazing White Nile River before its gone.  The impending Isimba Dam project is nearing completion and will likely flood most of the remaining rapids sometime this year.  Perhaps as early as June.  Although there will be a couple of rapids left after the dam, the epic waves like Nile Special and Kula Shaker will be gone soon.  I paddled in Uganda in 2010 before the completion of the Bujagali Dam and definitly had some bittersweet moments on this trip as I recognised places which were now underwater and were once amazing pieces of whitewater.  I am happy to have experienced the river before both of these dams but sad that they had to happen at all as they really don't benefit Uganda/Ugandans very much and are mostly being built because of kick backs and corruption.  In fact I am fairly sure the new dam will be one of the most expensive/least efficient hyrdro projects ever built.  It will displace a few thousand people, do irreparable damage to the ecosystem and increase malaria levels because of the greater amount of standing water. But anyway here are a few photos I took in my time outside of UNLEASHEDxUGANDA.  I have a more shots for UNLEASHEDxUGANDA coming at some point later this spring so stay tuned.  


Thats all for now, I'll hit up a more in-depth blog about my Uganda experiences in the net couple of weeks.  Until Then see you on the river! 



My Accommodation for the last month untitled-03309Multiple Bedrooms untitled-03304My crib untitled-03283-HDRLast sunset at Nile Special-This shot is an HDR untitled-0033034Last sunset surf at Nile Special DCIM\100GOPRO\G0033034. untitled-03155Ben Sandeman from Ottawa going big untitled-03071Future of Uganda's freestyle kayakers. untitled-03046Joseph always looks stoic in photos untitled-02791Dane Jackson at Kula Shaker wave untitled-02787Dane Jackson Airscrew at Kula Shaker untitled-02756Tom Paterson bringing Freestyle River Boarding to Africa untitled-02406Rory from Dewerstone before his first Nile Special surf untitled-02400Bren Orton watching Adrian Mattern Crash on the wave. Pure Joy untitled-02365Regan, one of the Neighbour kids. Loves pressing all the buttons on every electronic device. untitled-02359Typical nosy kids untitled-02333Bren Orton and Adrian Mattern getting food supplies in the Market untitled-02353Picture of a picture. #inception untitled-02346Jinja Market, Uganda untitled-08731Sunset down the river untitled-08696Flowers and butterflies untitled-08666Not sure what these birds are called but they are all up and down the river untitled-08644an Ibis I think untitled-08637More monkeying around





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