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Hurley Classic 2018 Video Recap

March 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Feels like it was forever ago now but just over a week ago was the Hurley Classic, UK's premier grass roots kayak event, which spans two days and is in a format which encourages participation from kayakers from all abilities levels from complete beginner to seasoned pro.  The weekend also has a lot of great possibilities for young kayakers to get coached by some of the UK's top freestylers, it encompasses a Boater-X race and some SUP events.  There was also a 'World Rolling Championships' and a showcase nighttime finals event. All in all an excellent event although this year driving snow and freezing temps did bring participation down this year compared to other years.  But despite the inches of snow and sub zero conditions it was still great to see a lot of kayakers out on the water and interested in Freestyle Kayaking.  


Enjoy the video and be sure to let me know when you will be attending a Hurley Classic.  




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